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The Maps feature provides exact localities of coverage events as gathered by users running your application.

Dropped, failed, service losses, and speed tests are all shown on the the users individual map. The events are also available for view in the users History. The users history is then available for viewing by the application administrator on the Network tool.


Report feature allows your customer to actively mark a troublespot on the map, rate the impact of the event on their experience, provide comments and send in the virtual “trouble ticket” to the customer care representative who manages your organization’s social media profiles.


The Compare feature offers performance metrics extracted from the aggregated data which is collected and delivered to your handsets.

Call Stats Benchmark gives the percentage of the users dropped, failed, and normal calls compared to all mobile operators in the area.

Data Speeds offers the user a look into the upload and download speeds of mobile operators in the area.

My Calls offers precise percentages of the users own dropped, failed, and normal calls.

Ranking compares the top rated mobile operators in the area based upon user stats in the area.

Speed Test

The Speed Test feature allows the user to test data speed performances at their current location.

Speed Tests can be preformed on 2G-LTE and WIFI networks. The user can view their history on the application. The application administrator can view the Speed Test History on the Network tool.

Engineer Mode

With the sophisticated Engineer Mode, a user can view coverage metrics in real-time. With the record feature, a user can decide the duration of coverage and Speed Test recording.

Coverage Recording offers 5 minutes up to continuous testing.

Speed Test Recording can be preformed in intervals of 5 to 30 minutes.

The Speed Test History is available for the user to view on the device. The application administrator can view the data on the Network tool.

Visualize your cell phone’s dropped calls, service outages, speed tests, signal strength, coverage map and test your wireless provider’s performance!

How it works


Install App

Download and install the app for you device.


Data Collection

After installation, data collection begins. Usage pattern and trouble spot data is automatically aggregated.


Data Storage

Information is collected, analyzed and stored on central servers.


Data Visualization

Network engineering and customer care logs into the app for performance metrics.